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Welcome to the lefty bass page!

Let me first explain you the meaning of the german title of this website. "Die linke Bass-Saite" is a play on words in german: it means strictly speaking "the lefty bass string" but the german word for "page" ("Seite") sounds exactly like "Saite", what means "string". That's it!

If you are left-handed and a bass player, there are 3 things that we have in common:

  • we are left-handers,
  • we play bass
  • and this is our problem!

"To be left-handed" means "to be clumsy", that's what they say. But who would say that Jimi Hendrix was clumsy while playing guitar or Paul McCartney while playing bass?

There are a lot of left-handed guitarists and bassists. Some of them had learned to play "the right way" for example Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Robert Fripp (David Bowie, Brian Eno, Blondie) or Dave "Taif" Ball (former bassist with Phillip Boa And The Voodoo Club).

If you can't play the right way or if you don't want to, there are difficulties finding the right - left - instrument.

I decided to present you as much left-handed basses as possible. There are 3 categories:

Please contact me if you know any basses that I have not presented and feel free to sign my guestbook.

I hope you enjoy the lefty bass page,


Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt OFFICE & TOWN

BTW: all the basses are available right-handed, too...(-:


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